Why do you live in Tijuana?!

Coffee time

For the food of course! Oh yea and the economic benefits.  

Welcome!  This blog is mostly about Tijuana – food, culture, visiting, vacation – and some about other travels around Mexico.  Join the fun!

But first…

Movin’ over the border

We crossed the border into Tijuana just like normal with a packed Expedition. We took a few trips over the next 3 days crossing the border back and forth to load up the Expedition and bring over our goodies.

Obviously, there’s a few things that won’t fit in an Expedition. So we paid a guy (a friend of a friend) with a truck to help us bring over the bed and sofas.  For that, we did have to stop and claim our stuff at the border on the Mexican side and pay about $20USD of taxes.

Settling into Tijuana

What a change!  You notice the difference as soon as you cross the border.  Houses are made out of concrete, streets are not well maintained, the town looks like it could use a paint job and there’s lots of people with black hair!

Settling in for me wasn’t too bad, it did take some time until I felt fully comfortable and knew how to get around.  But I already knew Spanish and had experience living for a short time in Mexico. So I wasn’t surprised when we’d get lost because there were no signs directing us to the right exit.  I wasn’t surprised when traffic didn’t follow the same rules as I was used to. And I wasn’t surprised at how TASTY Tijuana is!

I was surprised at how much I enjoy living here.  

Yes, here! In Tijuana!  Such a dangerous city!

And that is why I’m starting this blog after 9 years – to share with you my version of Tijuana.