Tijuana Breakfast Feasts

Tijuana Breakfast Huevos

Breakfast in Mexico can take many shapes and forms.  It could be tacos, quesadillas, seafood or cow intestine soup (menudo)! But for my purposes today, I’m going to highlight 3 breakfast restaurants in Tijuana where you can order a variety of egg delights, coffee and juice to stuff yourself silly.

Before we dive in, just FYI – I didn’t think my photos did any justice to these 3 places, so you’ll have to check out their Instagram accounts for that.  Proceed with Caution: It could make you really hungry…

Café de la Flor

Café de la Flor is my go-to and I was introduced to it by my friend Karla when we nestled into a booth at the Chapultepec location on a cold Sunday morning around 7 years ago for brunch.  I’ve been in love ever since.

Breakfast here is always delicious and they have quite a few options that include pancakes (hot cakes), crepes, french toast, egg plates, omelettes, chilaquiles and some specialty combos.

One of their combos on the menu is called the La Flor Slam, which for you cake for breakfast people like me, tops off the plate with a piece of either cake, cheesecake or a crepe! #sweetandsalty

Top that off with some fresh juice and smoothie options, cafe de la olla and lattes (my favorite is the Café de la Flor 🙂 made with cajeta) and you’ll be stuffed until dinner!

Average breakfast spend + coffee or juice = $7USD

Alma Verde

Alma Verde, what a great addition to Tijuana!  This new restaurant really brings home the farm to table atmosphere with a comfy, modern vibe.

Not only is their food amazing, which I’ll get to in a minute.  The most surprising was to find out that they have a nursing and changing room.  YES, you heard me!

Nursing mothers, listen up – they offer a comfortable room with plush chairs, changing table and they even have wipes and diaper cream to use.  Oh, and if you would like to order something to help milk production, there’s a special menu for that too. As a mother of a now toddler, I know this is a rarity in any restaurant.  I am usually crossing my fingers that there’s small flip down changing table in the bathroom!

Ok, back to the food. There’s an option for everyone!  And if you’re a vegan, this place caters to you too.  With choices from House Chilaquiles or with beet sauce, omelettes, french toast, pancakes to parfaits and sweet potato hash browns.  Nom nom nom…

Average breakfast spend + coffee or juice = $10USD

Los Chilaquiles

Los Chilaquiles is what you’d expect, a restaurant that offers a wide variety of Chilaquiles.  If you’re unfamiliar with this dish, all you need to know is that it’s a very traditional Mexican breakfast and great for hangovers too.  The simple version is that it’s tortilla chips with salsa! But yet, so much more than that.

This place offers about 30 different salsas to choose from.  And yea, you can get something else like pancakes or omelette…but why?  You have 30 salsas to try!

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Average breakfast spend + coffee or juice = $7USD

Provecho! Bon Appetit!

Let’s talk Mexican Beers

Montezuma Mexican Beers

Contrary to popular belief, Corona is not the most popular or most liked Mexican beer among Mexicans living in Mexico.  It’s more like the Miller High Life in an icy cold variety pack – you know, the one you either drink first to get it out of the way or last because it’s not your favorite, but hey – it’s beer!

Mexican National Beer

For starters, I’d like to point out that this info is only about National Mexican beer.  Tijuana’s craft beer scene is also booming, but that deserves its own conversation.

There are two main breweries for national beer – Moctezuma and Modelo and I bet you’ve heard of a few of each.  But there’s a few that don’t make it too far over the border which are quite tasty if you’re stopping by.

Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery

This brewery is responsible for Dos Equis, Sol, Bohemia, Noche Buena, Indio, and Tecate.

  • Dos Equis – They have a pale lager and a Vienna-style amber lager called Amber 🙂
  • Sol – This is a light beer that’s good for hot summer days.
  • Bohemia – The original is a pale pilsner, but they also offer a wheat beer similar to Blue Moon and a dark Vienna beer.
  • Noche Buena (Poinsettia) – As you might guess, is a holiday beer and usually only available from Nov-Jan. The style is a delicious bock with a Christmasy taste.
  • Indio – One of my favorites and is the best lager they make!
  • Tecate – Which you’ve probably heard of (especially since it’s named after the town of Tecate not too far away), but it’s a light beer and at least in the north, Tecate Light is probably the most popular beer.  
  • Heineken/Coors Light – These obviously aren’t Mexican national beers, but they have partnered with Moctezuma and brew both of these on national soil.  You can usually find them in Tijuana for the same prices.
Mexican Beer Tijuana

Grupo Modelo

This brewery is responsible for Corona, Victoria, Pacífico, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Modelo Light, Estrella, and León.

  • Corona – maybe the most well known world wide, but definitely not a Mexican favorite 🙂
  • Victoria – Another favorite of mine, it’s a Vienna lager with a crisp taste.
  • Pacífico – This is a pale lager and comes in regular and light.  You can find baby sized bottles of these in some corner beer stores – they are great for the beach!
  • Modelo – Especial and Light are the lighter versions while Negra is a dark style lager.
  • Estrella – this one isn’t as common in bars and restaurants but can be found in grocery stores, it’s a pilsner beer.
  • León – This beer is a dark amber beer on the rise for popularity.
Grupo Modelo Mexican Beers

Buckets of Beer

Here is Tijuana, most of the bars will offer a bucket of 6, 10 or 20 beers for your table.  This is a great way to have your next beer handy and not having to ask the server for a new one every 30 min or so.  You can also mix it up and request a variety pack. Either way, it stays cold with the ice they provide and stays tasty with the lime, salt and chile they provide 🙂

Next time you hop on over, don’t forget to try a few new flavors!  ¡SALUD!