Border Crossing to Tijuana in 2019

Border Crossing to Tijuana in 2019

Are you a bit leary of crossing the border to Tijuana now with all the news and hype around the Honduran migrant situation, government shutdown and border wall??

Well, I’m happy to report that the border is open for business!

Border closures?

Since the Honduran migrants have arrived over the past month or so, there’s only been 1 incident of closing the border.  The border that closed was San Ysidro. Otay remained open and processed those who unfortunately had to wait in the much longer lines the Sunday after Thanksgiving!

Crossing the border

This is a question I’ve been getting a lot lately…How’s the border crossing now with the migrant situation??  Answer is: “It’s the same.”

Going into Tijuana you can either head there via foot/bike or car.  I suggest walking if it’s a day trip.  Transportation is easily acquired. If you’re headed somewhere a little too far for walking, just grab an Uber!

If you’re doing a day trip on a Sunday, just remember that the border crossings are busier than the rest of the days because most TJ weekend visitors are headed home.

Frequent travelers

For those of you who frequent TJ often or plan to, I suggest applying for the Global Entry Card.  This card allows you to go through the SENTRI lanes at the border (the fastest moving lanes!).  It also gives you Pre-Check status at most US airports and grants you faster processing when going through Customs after an international flight.

Checking crossing times

What I’ve found to be the most reliable is the BorderTraffic app.  You can find it in Google Play or Apple Store.  They have real time cameras that can check the status of the line going into the San Diego and Tijuana.  It works best for cars, but some camera angles are good for walking as well. It’s $5 a year.

A free option is checking the CBP app, but they only make updates every hour and sometimes it’s longer than that.

Booking a tour

Looking for more of a guided tour experience?  There are a few options here that I know of – Turista Libre, Club Tengo Hambre and Tijuana Walking Tours.  These 3 offer a variety of tours as part of a group or you can book a private tour.  Most tours include tacos. 🙂

Come Visit!

Anyway you do it, you’ll have fun, eat well and enjoy the TJ culture!  Let me know how you’re trip was!

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