Costa Rica has a Carribean

Costa Rica has a Carribean

The Carribean side of Costa Rica usually isn’t talked about as much as the Pacific Northwest Guanacaste area.  But don’t count it out, it’s a beautiful place with an even more laid back vibe than the rest of the country.

Why is the Carribean so cool?

The Costa Rican Carribean is a unique place in regards to culture, food and landscape. Plus there’s a plethora of sloths to find.


Costa Rica also has the largest Jamaican diaspora and they are largely located on the Carribean side.  Over the years, the mix of Caribe with Tico cultures has created a unique vibe and the only side of the country where you can get caribbean food like rice made with coconut milk!


The beaches are so unique!  Within a span of 10 miles you can go from a white fine sand, to black fine sand, to brown fine sand to brown coarse sand.  Plus, you don’t need an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun! There are plenty of trees close to the water that provide shade.

  • Cahuita
  • Puerto Viejo
  • Punta Uva
  • Playa Cocles
  • Playa Negra
  • Manzanillo


Costa Rican Chocolate! The indigenous people, one of the tribes being the BriBri tribe, used chocolate as money and for cultural rituals.  The BriBri tribe still exists today and you can still create your own artisan chocolate with them!


You’ve probably seen the Dole logo with the text “Costa Rica Banana” at the grocery store. In the 80s, the banana arrived and plantations were created, since then Costa Rica has grown to be one of the top 10 banana producers.

Puerto Viejo is the best location

In essence, Puerto Viejo is a town where it seems nobody works too hard, nobody is in a hurry, the main transportation is a bicycle and at any moment you could see a sloth, a monkey, birds, or crabs.

Not only that, but Puerto Viejo is also located between two other good spots to visit – Manzanillo and Cahuita. And you can easily get to them with your bicycle.

What’s there to do?

Well, besides hitting up all the beaches, doing a chocolate tour and eating? There’s the Jaguar Rescue Center, learn to dance Afro-Latin style, the BriBri waterfall, Manzanillo National Park and Cahuita National Park.

Does it rain??!

YES, supposedly late Aug and Sept are the least rainy.  We went the last week of August and we did get 1 day with a 20 min afternoon rain, 2 overnight rains and 1 full day of rain.  The rain was warm and enjoyable!

Getting There

If you fly from Tijuana, you can get flights for as low as $300 to San José with a stop in either CDMX or Guadalajara.  Depending on your mode of transportation, check out these specific details to get to Puerto Viejo.


If you’re looking for more of a guided sustainable travel experience, I recommend Project Alma/Bamboo tours! It’s a beautiful way to travel, especially if you are soul searching.

I love hearing about Costa Rica, tell me about your trip!