What’s Revolution Avenue really like these days?

What’s Revolution Avenue really like these days?

Revolution Avenue, AKA Revolución, AKA La Revu is probably the most iconic spot in Tijuana and it has definitely catered to many visitors in the past.  But the vibe is getting revamped, and changing its main focus from getting tourists drunk to enticing locals out for an enjoyable day/evening on the strip.

Hoy en día

Revolution Avenue has been working on its image for a few years and now instead of strip clubs and bars on every corner, there’s a dedicated cross street for nightlife along with the more subtle strip clubs sprinkled in between gift shops, food & restaurants, coffee shops and shops that sell local goods.  

Must Do’s at the Revu

There’s a few things that you must check out when strolling about Revolution Avenue:

The Classics

  1. Caesar’s Restaurant Bar
    • Stop in for a drink, a meal or just a salad…because this is the birthplace of the Caesar salad.  Yup, not Italy…but Tijuana, Baja California.
  2. Take your picture with a “zebra”!
    • History: The zebra stripes started back when there was black and white photos to be able to see the donkey in the photo better.
    • Whatever they offer you first, don’t pay that! Don’t pay over $5 for a photo.
  3. Jai Alai building
    • Jai Alai is a beautiful building that was the dedicated Jai Alai field back in the day.
    • Now it’s used as a venue and mostly hosts concerts.

More Modern

  1. Cine Tonalá
    • New kind of movie theater that plays Mexican, international and sundance films.  Makes for a great date night with the bar like atmosphere.
  2. Pasaje Rodriguez
    • This could also be a classic, but the vibe is more modern…or maybe upcycled is the better word.  You will find:
      1. Shopping – clothing, jewelry, shoes, books, incense, knicknacks, etc.
      2. And can fill your tummy with coffee, beer, dessert, food

Revolution Dining

Sit Down Restaurants

Estación Central – This is the newest addition to the strip and it’s bringing back the classic TJ vibe.  

La Justina – Small but delicious.  Chef Chad White is kicking ass and taking names for his gourmet Baja foods and mixology.

Vittorios – Long time establishment serving up some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had.  Granted…you might not come to Mexico to eat Italian…I get that. But if you feel like eating a calzone fit for 2, this is your place.

Laid back Food Joints

Colectivo 9 – This is a collective of smaller food joints using the cafeteria style (share the seating in the middle).  There’s also one for beer 🙂

Casa de la Tlayuda – Tlayuda’s are traditionally made in Oaxaca and here you can try different styles.  They are kind of like a pizza, but instead of a doughy crust, it’s more like a large tostada.  Very tasty!

Taco joints – Of course there are Tacos on Revolución!  Laka-Laka for example has some pretty tasty tacos.  Not to mention all the street tacos or hotdogs around!

Thirst Quenching

Just looking for some tasty Mexican beer or craft beer?  We got that too. Oh, you’re just into wine? We got that too.  Oh, only coffee? No problem, we got you!

Tijuana Craft Beer

Craft beer is big here in Tijuana and Revolution Avenue offers a few options:

  • TJ Tap House – this is a new addition to the strip, the original location is farther north of Revolution Ave.  So they are bringing the beer to you.
  • Border Psycho – fairly new addition as well with a large variety of flavors.
  • Mamut – located in Pasaje Rodriguez or also off 3rd Ave/Revolution.
  • You can also find bottles of craft beers in several locations like Deck 22.

Mexican National Beer

There’s plenty of places that sell national beer on the strip.  My preferred locations for happy hour include:

  • Copeo – It’s large, clean and has a patio.  Buckets of 6 beers cost about $5 🙂
    • P.S. That price is not just a happy hour price, it’s an always price.
  • Zebras – It’s rustic and has a great patio.  Beer on tap is also cheap!

Baja California Wine

Looking for just a cup of wine or maybe a whole bottle?  Baristi Coffee & Wine has about 4 or 5 different options of wine from Valle the Guadalupe.  They also have a nice inside and patio area for relaxing and people watching.

Tijuana Coffee

  • Baristi, mentioned earlier roasts their own coffee in a separate location, here you can grab a steamy cup and free wifi.
  • Container Coffee Roaster has a stylish hipster vibe with high quality, fresh beans and traditionally roasted coffee
  • Tostador Red Caffe – Good coffee and good service.


If you’d like to bring home something unique from Tijuana, then I suggest hitting up the ‘made in TJ’ stores and Pasaje Rodriguez.  And of course there’s always the I love TJ 664 store for a good t-shirt or accessory.  

Personally, I’d stay away from the ‘souvenir’ shops, But if you do see something you must have, then make sure you haggle for it!  Never pay the first price they give you.

Pharmacy and Dental

One thing that really stands out in Tijuana are all the Pharmacies and Dental locations.  

You can bring your prescriptions down to Tijuana and the Pharmacy will look up that medicine name/components and if in stock you can save quite a bit of money refilling your meds down here.  You are also allowed to take back 6 months of medications over the border … with your prescription of course.

Dentistry is also a hot commodity, there are even locations that are practicing to the US standards and taking US insurance.  A teeth cleaning averages about $45 without insurance and the big ticket items are also quite a large savings.


Behind the Jai Alai is the best empanada place in TJ: El Tucumano.  I recommend family style – plenty of empanadas and a salad.  You can also take your own bottle of wine and just pay $3 for bottle service!

Thanks for exploring!! Let me know how your day went!