Wallet Friendly Movie Nights in Tijuana!

Wallet Friendly Movie Nights in Tijuana!

Who doesn’t like to catch a movie with your favorite comadres?  The simple joy of enjoying visual adventures and stories. Don’t you feel like the cost to watch a movie in San Diego is getting out of hand?  More than $10 per person?? How about the same quality for about $4 per person?

Where you ask?  Movie theaters in Tijuana!

But wait, is that the matinee price?  Nope, that’s the evening price!

Movie Theaters in Tijuana

Cinépolis VIP

You may have heard of Cinépolis Luxury Theaters in San Diego, I think it costs about $20 per person.  In Tijuana, they are called Cinépolis VIP movie theaters. They are just as luxurious at half the price.  The best part is you can order food or drink right from you leather lazy boy while you watch the movie!

Locations nearest the border: Plaza Río, Paseo Chapultepec and Galerias

Cinépolis Regular and Cinemex

You can find either a Cinépolis or a Cinemex in nearly every plaza in Tijuana.  If you want a newer theater, check out Plaza Alameda in Otay or Paseo Chapultepec.

The average price for a movie ticket for an evening show is $3-5 per person.

Don’t forget about popcorn!  There’s plenty of flavors to choose from: plain, butter, cheese, spicy or caramel.  Personally…I go with ½ spicy – ½ caramel 🙂

Make it a Date Night

For casual dining

Both Plaza Alameda and Plaza Río have a Food Garden, which is cool because the Food Garden offers lots of small food locales to choose from.  It’s similar to a food court, but a HUGE step up from that! Plus you can order alcoholic beverages or unique flavored water.

Need something fancier?  

Both Paseo Chapultepec and Galerías offer quite a few restaurants to choose from.  

Chapultepec has a delicious seafood place called Cabanna (prepare for a wait, it’s always busy!).  They also have an Italian place that is to die for: La Moresca.

Galerias offers another tasty Itailian place called Gianluca.  Plus they have the all you can eat Brazilian style steakhouse Churrascaria.

Extra special date night

Maybe you’re looking for something other than the norm on movie date night.  Well, Tijuana has that too in Cine Tonalá.  Not only is it a movie theater, they also have music, stand up, and a restaurant with a bar.  

Perk: they have a rooftop view of Revolution Avenue!!


Last, but not least, is the IMAX.  The IMAX is located at the cultural center of Tijuana: CECUT, it’s that big ball in the middle…

They are always playing interesting and educational films there.  By interesting I mean like laser shows of Bruno Mars, Prince, and Queen. Check it out!

Let me know how it went!