Rent a Beach House in Baja!

Rent a Beach House in Baja!

One of the best ways to really enjoy the beach down here is to rent a beach house. There’s 3 beach towns under 2.5 hour drive from San Diego – Playas de Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada. 

They are perfect for maximizing beach time!  And one reason to pick Tijuana over San Diego = You can drink alcohol on the beach! Second reason = $$$ of course!

What beaches are in the area?

There’s 4 main beach renting areas:

  1. Between Playas de Tijuana and Rosarito
  2. Rosarito to La Misión
  3. La Misión to Ensenada
  4. Ensenada to La Bufadora

If you’re renting at a condo complex or in a colonia of houses, it’s possible you’ll have a more private beach since public access isn’t as prominent. Which also means less vendors on the beach!

Playas to Rosarito Benefits

  • You’re close to 2 large public beaches: Playas de Tijuana and Rosarito
  • You’re close to restaurants and grocery stores/Wal-Mart in either town.
  • Playas is more compact and good for hanging out during the day.
  • Rosarito has nicer sit down restaurants a small artesian market and good nightlife.

Playas de Tijuana

Rosarito to La Misión Benefits

puerto nuevo lobster

La Misión to Ensenada Benefits

  • You’re 20-30 min drive to Valley of Guadalupe (WINE!).
  • You’re close to 1 large public beach: La Misión.
  • Ensenada is a great place for walking around, eating tacos or enjoying a sit down meal.
  • You can also rent boats from the marina if you’d like a sea adventure.

La mision beach

Ensenada to La Bufadora Benefits

  • Ensenada is a fun town to walk, shop and eat.
  • For the beach in this area, you’ll need to check out Cabo Punta Banda.  This is south of the city of Ensenada, but this beach is better than the small one in Ensenada.
  • You’re also about 15 min away from La Bufadora, which is good to view in the afternoon and they also have Mexican souvenirs and food.
  • You’re also a short drive from Las Cañadas if you’re looking for a pool / adventure park.  You can also camp here!

Sunset Cabo Punta Banda

Where do you find these houses?

I usually rent through Airbnb, but I have also used FlipKey and VRBO.

Don’t assume anything!  Here’s a few starter questions to ask the owners when considering a booking:

  • Does the jacuzzi have hot water?  
    • If yes, having it heated is included in the price or extra?
  • Is the pool heated?
  • Is there an oven/stove, and does it work?
  • Is there drinkable water provided?
    • If not, make sure you buy some!
  • Can we get there earlier or leave later!?

Price wise – it can vary depending on the size, location and if there’s a pool/jacuzzi or other nice amenities.  Just do the research and find the one that’s right for you!

Have more specific Qs?  Just let me know!

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