Tijuana’s Best Shrimp Tacos

Tijuana’s Best Shrimp Tacos

Another top 3 coming at ya! One of the reasons I love living on the west coast is the seafood.  It’s fresh, has lots of flavor and you can buy it from the seafood market and cook it up at home or you can just hit up a seafood taco joint…so I dedicate this post to you Shrimp of the Sea.  

Tacos el Tito

This recommendation is the closest to Revolution Ave and for me, Titos comes with some sentimental value as well.  It was our first love in the seafood world and we watched the downtown Ocampo location grow from a one room kitchen + a few tables to a large 2 kitchen and grill outside dining experience.

Shrimp Taco to try:

  1. Shrimp taco – the classic, breaded shrimp taco.  It’s served with cabbage, pico de gallo and sour cream.  The best part is trying to figure out how to wrap your mouth around it without spilling it everywhere!. ~$2 a taco
  2. New York – Surf n’ turf style with a slice of New York steak, sauteed shrimp, avocado, mushrooms, cheese and secret sauce. (My personal Fav) ~$3 a taco
New York Taco Titos Tijuana
New York!

Mariscos el Mazateño

El Mazateño, located in Otay, is more legendary around TJ and has a pretty extensive menu.  With every order they also offer a basket of chips and small cup of seafood soup broth.  They also do cafeteria style seating…so get friendly, you might be sitting next to a stranger.

Shrimp Taco to try:

  1. Mazateña/Camaron enchilado (Spicy Shrimp) – this taco has sauteed shrimps glazed with their special chile sauce served with melted cheese in a crispy tortilla. You could also combine it with Marlin for some extra flavor. ~$3 a taco
El Mazateno Shrimp Tijuana

Mariscos Machatlán

Mariscos Machatlán is lesser known, super close to the border for the regular car lane, and if you’ve made your way to the Artesian Market (Los Mercados Artesanias), then this place is just across the street.  The parking is pretty bad, so I recommend parking in the Market lot anyway…shopping and tasty tacos, what could be better?

Shrimp taco to try:

  1. Camaron enchilado (Spicy Shrimp) – same kind as at Mazateño, just as delicious! ~$3 a taco
  2. Shrimp taco – the classic breaded shrimp.  This one comes with a very light breading and plenty of shrimps to fill it up served with cabbage and pico de gallo. ~$2 a taco
Mariscos Machatlan Shrimp Tijuana

Let me know what you think!