Visit Monterrey, México

Visit Monterrey, México

A short flight away from Tijuana, lies one of the biggest cities in Mexico, Monterrey.  It’s located in the state of Nuevo Leon and is about a 3 hour drive southwest of Laredo, Texas.

Monterrey is considered to be a commercial center due to its many industrial and commercial businesses making it one of the wealthiest cities in the country. Don’t let that scare you off, it’s a great tourist town as well!

What stood out to me the most is the look of the city is so different than other big cities like Tijuana, Mexico City (CDMX), or Puebla…more modern or I would even say artistic in their buildings.  As in all Mexico though, they do have one area where they’ve kept the ‘traditional’ puebla look, appropriately called Barrio Antiguo AKA the Old Neighborhood.

Explore Monterrey

Touring around offers quite a variety of things to do here from outdoor activities like hiking, museums, malls, restaurants and little towns.  There’s things to do for short trips to long trips. Here are a few of the main attractions:

Stroll down Santa Lucía Riverwalk

This is a must do! This beautiful riverwalk follows a man made river that starts below the Museum of Northern Mexican History and ends inside Parque Fundidora. It’s modeled after the riverwalk in San Antonio, TX. You can also hitch a ride on a boat if it’s too hot for walking.  

Check out Museo de Acero Horno 3

The reason this city exists!  The steel industry was such an important part of the city up until the 1980s.  Built on the original spot inside Parque Fundidora, this is an interactive museum that also offers a free tour guide in English or Spanish.  And don’t forget to either ride or climb up to the top if you’re feeling adventurous!

Short and Sweet at Museo del Dulce

Stop in for a short and sweet history lesson of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and walk out with a bag full of traditional sweets! You can find it in a sneaky spot under the walkway to the History Museum and next to the loading dock for the Santa Lucía boats.

Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame

The newest museum in the city is also located along the Santa Lucía Riverwalk, inside Parque Fundidora.  Very interesting, even for non baseball lovers. It tells the history of how Mexican baseball started and provides info and videos about the best players and leagues today. Plus there’s batting and pitching cages inside!

Eat Cabrito or Carne Asada

Monterrey is known for their traditional Cabrito, you see it everywhere! Think veal…but a goat. Yes…and if you’ve never tried goat before, just be aware that it has a very distinct flavor!

Monterrey is also known for their quality meat.  And any kind of Carne Asada should definitely be on the menu.  

Hike Up a Mountain

There’s lots of locations for hiking here, for any of these that you choose, just make sure you bring your own water, snacks and good shoes!

Visit Santigo town and lake

Santiago is a picturesque little town next to a lake.  It’s nice to slowly walk around, buy a souvenir, get some brunch with ice cream and a go for a boat ride.


Go for brunch at Frida Chilaquiles.  It’s so gooooooooood.  Just beware: if you order a large orange juice, it’s one liter of juice…so you might want to share it!