What to eat while you’re at the beach?!

What to eat while you’re at the beach?!

Since it’s still summer and we are on our 3rd straight weekend of hanging out at the beach, I was reminded, that I’ve never touched on what you can eat while you’re at the beach

Beach Food

Didn’t bring a beach lunch or snacks?  No worries, there’s no going hungry in Mexico!  You won’t even have to leave your spot in the sand. Just relax and let the food come to you.

**Note you do need to bring your own beverages (alcohol is allowed).

Sweet Snacks

And everything that I’m going to list out is under $5:

  • Ice cream! – you may have expected this one, that why’s it’s first.  Just listen for the bell. The ones that look like Freezies but bigger are called “bolis” they are either milk or water based ice creams, more convenient for the beach because they just melt in the bag!
  •  Candy – The candy guy is like the store on the move, he’s got gummies of all kinds – worms, watermelons, sour, not sour, plus a plethora of nuts and some chocolates.
  • CHURROS – yea!  There are 2 different kinds available
    • Regular – these babies come hot out of the oil in a portable fry station.  Shake on some sugar and cinnamon, maybe add a dressing of chocolate or cajeta and they just melt in your mouth.
    • Filled – These are pre-made and larger in diameter so they can be filled with: chocolate, cajeta or strawberry
  • Cotton Candy – yes, you read that right.  There’s even cotton candy.
  • Candied Apples – These are similar to caramel apples, they have a red, harder outside made from sweet tamarindo.  You can request a plain one or some are rolled in sprinkles or nuts or of course chile powder.

Salty Snacks

Still under $5:

  • Corn in a cup – AKA: Esquites.  If you’ve never had an esquite you really do need to try this.  It’s a combo that is literally like taking a bite of Mexico. You can also get it as corn on the cob (elote).  The essentials to this snack include: corn (not sweet corn), lime juice, cotija cheese, mayonnaise or butter (sometimes both…your preference), salt, and chile powder.
  • Grilled Shrimp – Yup.  Fresh, charcoal grilled, garlic shrimps on a skewer.  5 shrimps for less than $3.
  • Cocount – Request a coconut and drink the juice and savor the meat either plain or in true Mexi style: with lime and chile powder.
  • TostilocosOne of my favorite snacks and it can be different depending on where you get it.  There’s no rules! But main ingredients include Chips (like Tostitos), cucumber, jicama (sometimes fruit), Japanese peanuts, tamarindo candy, chamoy sauce, Tajin, lime juice, and my not so favorite…pigskin.
  • Pizza – usually a whole pizza (which would not be under $5), but sometimes you can get just a slice.

PS.  Are you picking up on a snack theme??  …chile…lime… Tell me how you liked or didn’t like it!