Where to get sandwiches in Tijuana

Where to get sandwiches in Tijuana

Who knew right? Of course Tijuana has a lot more than just tacos.  Don’t get me wrong, tacos are probably the best, cheapest, tastiest meal you can get here.  But if you’re looking for something different here’s a few places with some pretty tasty sandwiches.

Wild Cypress

This gem opened last year in 2017 and has become a family favorite.  They are a gastro deli and they serve what they call their masterpieces → artisan sandwiches.  We’ve been there so often that we’ve tried just about every one of them and it’s hard to pick a favorite!  Fresh bread marinated meat, full salads, delicious soups, fresh squeezed OJ, coffee and beer!

Yes, you heard me, not only do they serve great sammys, they also have breakfast and beer…ON TAP and not just any old national beer, it’s TJ Beer.

So needless to say…HAPPY HOUR anyone?

Enough boasting about the food, this place is big, bright and has a unique style.  There’s inside and outside areas with tons of outlets for laptops or cellphones. Wifi, coloring and foosball is included!  It’s located off Aguas Caliente near the Torres, right where the Blockbuster used to be.

Kasa Café

Kasa Café has a large variety of cold, hot, and traditional -Roast beef, Pastroni, etc, and non-traditional sandwiches – including the Willy (served on a bagel!), Norteña and Sureña.  Plus the one thing Wild Cypress doesn’t have…Fries! Regular or cheesy. They also serve breakfast, coffees, smoothies, salads, and fresh waters.  They use all fresh ingredients and the service is fast.

They have 2 locations – the original is in Otay, which is how we found it since it’s close to home.  It’s also close to the UABC, so there’s lots of students who frequent this location.
The second is down in Zona Río in the same plaza as the Sam’s Club.

Blue Luna Café

Ah, the Blue Luna, I can’t talk about their sandwiches without talking about the coffee. If you’re in the mood to try a new latte flavor, then head here.  They have some pretty interesting and tasty bevs and use ingredients like matcha, mazapán and dulce de leche.  I admit, it was the coffee the lured me here, but coupled with the food…it didn’t take long to turn into a favorite.

To me the sandwiches they offer are like Italian inspired with a Mexi twist. You can also order up a salad, smoothie or breakfast.  Everything is super fresh, including the bread!

And it seems that wherever you are, there’s a location near you!  There’s 13 locations around TJ!  The ones that I have visited are usually more outside space than inside, so just keep that in mind when heading out.

Wrap it up to go

If you live or work  in TJ and don’t have time to check out the locations, you can hit them all up on Uber Eats.  Although, I don’t think you can get beer delivered 🙂

These are my top 3 sandwiches places, what are yours?